CUBE: a World Championship on Energy Savings to respond to the ecological emergency!

For the past 12 years, the French Energy Saving Championship has been engaging users, operators and owners of thousands of buildings (offices, schools, municipal buildings, stadiums, homes etc.) and accelerating the energy transition. Today the program is about to take on a new dimension, with the launch of its first international edition in October 2024 – the World Championship on Energy Savings.

This championship (for which each league is identified under the name of the CUBE championship) is a year-long program, where candidate buildings compete to achieve the greatest possible energy savings. Last year, La Poste Immobilier (48 buildings, 17.5% energy savings), CPAM (11 buildings, 27.7% energy savings) and BNP Paribas (15 buildings, 28.8% energy savings) were crowned champions of energy savings at the awards ceremony held on April 10th.

In August, the organisers of the Championship will announce the first partners and participants in this international roll-out. CUBE’s aim is to demonstrate that this method of action, based on collective action and tangible, shared measurement of results, can be replicated in any geographical context.

The stakes are high.

If all the commercial buildings in the 20 countries with the highest emissions played CUBE without any major investment, simply by improving how the existing systems are used, 5% of the world’s carbon could be avoided!

On 1 October 2024, « CUBE World » will officially begin. This new edition of the competition will be run by an international team in several languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and German). Over the course of the year, participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other in a friendly, sporting atmosphere, receive support in achieving their goals and take part in regular follow-up webinars.

The achievements of the participants will be celebrated at the forthcoming COPS (Conferences of the Parties). A launch event is planned for COP29 in Baku in November, and the awards ceremony will be held at COP30 in Belém in 2025.

Will this accelerate our ecological transition?

On an individual level, it creates enthusiasm and interest and encourages people to take initiative.

At a company level, it increases the effectiveness of their sobriety plan by mobilising teams around these issues.

At a societal level, it demonstrates the effectiveness and feasibility of ambitious, results-oriented public policies, while helping the market to move towards more sober practices.

This is a necessary step in the face of the climate emergency, because, as Mike Berners-Lee once said, “There is no planet B”.


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