The Prime Minister made this clear on Monday. Everyone must do their part to organize, together, the reduction of energy consumption, to avoid rationing and load shedding. We are collectively looking for 30 TWh of savings in gas and more than double that in electricity. To achieve this, the experience of the CUBE programs over the past eight years is clear: coercion and injunction do not work. It is not because offices will now have imposed heating temperatures that they will structurally reduce their consumption. On the other hand, it is through and for the field that behavior can change.

Sobriety is a sport. It is a collective sport, a long-term sport, a combat sport – against old practices – which requires repeated effort, painful at the beginning but which then becomes natural, and provokes, as in sports, effervescence when one achieves the result. Once the first step is taken, the virtuous behaviors create a training dynamic. This is why the French Energy Savings Championship is based on the codes of sports, by creating “leagues” with their buildings and teams (companies, cities, collective housing, the State, campuses, sports facilities, Paris La Défense, schools, colleges, high schools, etc.). For committed organizations, we will also have a proposal for employees at home! Everyone tries to reduce their consumption during a “season”, through field practices and scorekeeping, with the joy of seeing the progress of the result. On average, each participant obtains 13% savings per year, without heavy investment. This is almost three times faster than the pace advocated by the Prime Minister.

With the sponsorship of the Ministry of Energy Transition, we are organizing today a special edition of the French Championship to “pass the winter” which is part of the national sobriety plan soon to be launched by the government. Buildings that can do so will also be asked to shift their consumption if the national electricity network is under strain, as RTE is looking for 2.5 GW of “citizen’s reserve” that we will help to organize with you. We will meet on the afternoon of December 13 at the Paris La Défense Arena to celebrate our collective mobilization.

Until then, come join the Championship and save the winter by clicking here :

Championnat de France des économies d’énergie – Championnat de France (



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