Any legal person, company or organization, user of tertiary office or educational buildings, can enter the contest. The company or organization involved in the contest registers the candidate buildings in the competition. To sum up:

  • Company or organization involved: the legal person who commits one or more candidate buildings
  • The candidate building(s): are based in Europe or in overseas locations

The committed company concerning each candidate building declares:

  • It is the owner and user of the building,
  • Or rents all or part of the building surface,
  • Or is the owner or the facility manager of the building (multi-tenant case): mobilizing at least 80% of the users in the building, the landlord or the facility manager is in capacity to submit the total building consumption (private and common portions) monthly, on each of the energy sources used.


The buildings cannot partake in large refurbishments that may affect energy performance during the contest or one year before entering it. However, after completing one year of Cube, the buildings will be in the ideal position to plan the refurbishments that correspond precisely to their building needs.

For more information on how the contest works, visit the How it works section.

Elimination of a candidate building

A candidate building is eliminated from the contest if it stops reporting its consumption for more than a quarter, or if an anomaly is found in the reporting or following an audit.