Registration for the next #CUBE 2020 contest is open!

Welcome to 2018!
The edition of #CUBE 2020 contest ending last December brought a lot of achievements with more than 70 medal-winning building (>10% of energy savings in one year!) and many other good surprises. You will be hearing from us very soon!
CUBE is first and foremost a human adventure, a catalyst for collaboration. Landlords and tenants, service companies, local and regional governments, building users, you can together speed up history and create a general mobilisation. One thing is for sure: our collaboration will yield a lot of unexpected, interesting results that will prepare the future!
This is not a detail: while regulations give us a -40% cap in 2030 for the tertiary sector and that the legislative framework is on its way, next CUBE competition starting this 1st July is the last opportunity to accelerate your energy saving and bring your buildings to your 2020 goals!
Registration is open, last train before 2020. Take your ticket, you will not regret the travel!
Next contest: 1st July 2018 –  30th June 2019. Registration is open until 30th June.
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