Energy savings: 236 buildings aim for the best progression by 2020


As the 2020 milestone for both EU and French domestic
climate and energy goals approaches, the energy savings contest CUBE 2020 gets
more relevant than ever.  It is indeed a
solution for owners and users of commercial and educational buildings to
efficiently commit to saving the required 25% of energy imposed by French
legislation to be reached before 2020. The 200 candidates of the two previous
editions of the CUBE 2020 contest, a one-year long competition, saved 10 to 15%
of energy on average within a year.

In the current 3rd edition, 236
users of buildings are competing to reach the best score of energy and carbon savings
by a better use and a better technical operation. Besides, the contest is an
opportunity to mobilize and build collaborations with the occupants.

From these 236 buildings, some are state-owned
and administrative buildings, other companies’ buildings, among which EDF, BNP
Paribas, Generali Real Estate, Allianz…. Furthermore, on educational side, 19
universities enlisted, a dozen of middle schools, and Schneider Electric
created a sponsorship in CUBE 2020 between its local agencies and technical
high schools training energy managers. Local authorities also entered the
competition (Paris, Angers, Toulouse, Lyon…).

The candidates are located all over France and
overseas (a third in Paris area), plus nine buildings in Luxembourg. The
smallest competitor is a 202 m² shop of Orange telecom company and the biggest
is a 70000 m² hospital located in Tahiti. Some buildings are almost new and
certified but the majority of them were built before the 70es.

By the end of 2017, thanks to CUBE 2020, all
the candidates will have reached a part of their 2020 goals. The fourth edition
will start in July 2018.

Among the candidates of this 3rd edition, the Cristal Tour (Paris,
by the Seine): Allianz Real Estate competes with its property manager Foncia

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